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What You Get

At Listabiz, we believe our advertising and marketing package provides an immediate cross section across all media outlets. The online internet package attracts over 330,000 buyer visits per month. With the inclusion of one of Australia’s largest online business sites, the monthly visits increase to over 400,000.

The duration of Listabiz marketing and advertising campaign is for a total of 6 months.

If agreed by both parties, the advertising campaign can be extended.
Listabiz will be responsible for all advertising copy and design

Customers will in writing, proof and approve all cop and content prior to download

In the event customers are seeking confidentiality, Listabiz shall provide all generic photos

Listabiz also agrees to include at no charge, a customised newspaper/radio/industry campaign as agreed by both parties.

Upon completion of a contracted commissionable sale by Listabiz, the total cost of the advertising marketing package will be refunded in its entirety from the commission payable to Listabiz.

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With technology changing so rapidly, it is imperative to explore all new and modern trends. Listabiz will assist in maximising potential exposure through the following social media outlets;

  • Facebok
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram